Our Services

Since every project is unique, this is only a basic list of some of the services that we provide. Depending on the individual needs of each client we can pull resources from other fields such as our architects, plumbers, and pool builders. These are just some of the reasons that Uncle Froggy’s should be your first choice for Michigan Lawn care.

Some of our maintenance services include:
•Sod & Sprinklers
•Sprinkler Repair
•Lawn Cutting
•Weed Control
•Mulch Installation


Hardwood, Cedar, Cypress, and Black or Red Enviro are the most popular types of decorative mulches on the market today. Most of which are by-products of the lumber industry. Each of these is different in appearance and function. The main purpose of mulch is to hold moisture, control weed growth, maintain even soil temperatures and provide a decorative appearance. Choosing mulch for your landscape is very similar to choosing carpet for a room in your house. How much area will be carpeted and what type and color. Uncle Froggy’s currently stocks seven different types of mulches all of which are available for delivery and or installation. You can view all of our products anytime online at unclefroggys.com.

Sprinkler start up:

A trained member of Uncle Froggy’s staff will come to your home and inspect your sprinkler system. This includes turning on the water from inside the home, powering on your control box, running the sprinklers, cutting away any grass that has grown over them and adjusting them so your lawn is watered equally. At the time of inspection repairs can be made for an additional cost.

Lawn Aeration:

Soil aeration is the mechanical removal of small cores of soil from the lawn using an aeration machine. It is often described as the most important thing you can do to create a healthy, thick and robust lawn. Lawn aeration has the following benefits:
•Improves air exchange between the soil and atmosphere.
•Enhances soil water uptake.
•Improves fertilizer Uptake and use.
•Reduces standing water and run-off.
•Improves turf grass rooting.
•Reduces soil compaction.
•Enhances heat and drought stress tolerance.
•Improves resiliency and cushioning.
•Enhances thatch breakdown.

Lawn Mowing :

Uncle Froggy’s services over 250 residential and commercial lawns in southeastern Michigan. We provide a full professional lawn cut that includes mowing, trimming, edging and blowing. This weekly service keeps your yard looking well groomed all summer long. Forget spending your Saturday mornings trying to start that old mower and then the rest of the day cutting the lawn. You should be spending time with your family and Uncle Froggy’s can make that happen. Our reliable service comes to your house the same day each week and is in and out in less than one half hour, leaving you and your family the time to enjoy your beautiful lawn.

Sprinkler Repairs:

Having problems with your sprinkler system? Call Uncle Froggy’s. We can fix any problems you might have from broken sprinkler heads and lines to simple adjustments and start ups.

Weeding service:

This service is provided in order to keep the customer’s landscape beds looking clean and weed free. Weeds, not only unattractive, can hinder the growth of your surrounding plants. There are many ways to utilize this service. It can be done on a weekly, monthly, or by call basis. You can also have your beds turned at the same time.


Annuals are usually small decorative flowers that only live for one season. . They are very useful in cutting down on weeds and adding color to your garden and landscape beds. Annuals include the popular flower types of begonias, impatiens, marigolds, petunias, geraniums and many more. Uncle Froggy’s can prep your annual beds. First we weed the area then apply a fresh layer of black peat to the beds. This really makes the color of the flowers stand out. We offer a wide variety of annuals for sale and for install please check are product page for more info.


Used to describe a plant that lasts for more than two growing seasons, either dying back after each season, as some herbaceous plants do, or growing continuously, as some shrubs do. At Uncle Froggy’s we offer full sale and or install of all the perennials located on are product page. Perennials are a key part to any landscape. They add life and color to your landscape beds.

Trees and Shrubs:

Uncle Froggy’s is home for all of your landscaping needs. We have a large number of trees and shrubs under are product section that are available for purchase. You can simply purchase them online have them delivered and plant yourself or you can have Uncle Froggy’s install the product for you. Pick out the landscaping of your dreams, rich greens, colorful blossoms, and fragrant smells could all be part of your landscape. Your landscape is a true reflection of yourself, if you are having trouble finding that reflection we can help. Call us today for a free estimate.

Bush trimming:

This is a great way to keep your landscape looking clean and kept. Bush trimming should be done at least twice a year to help maintain the shape and size of your plants. Overgrown bushes can lead to added headaches such as weeds and pests. Letting your bushes go to long can also result in problems with trimming them. If the branches are allowed to grow too large the bush could lose the shape a customer desires.Spring cleanup:
This includes cleaning up of leaves, sticks and debris on your lawn and in your landscape beds, the overall purpose is to allow the grass to grow properly and leave your lawn looking clean. We also will remove your annuals from the previous year and cut back your perennials at this time if this was not done in the fall. This service does not include weeding, though you may request weeding service at the time of your cleanup.

Fall Cleanup:

This includes cleaning up of leaves, sticks and debris on your lawn and in your landscape beds, the overall purpose is to allow the grass to grow properly and leave your lawn looking clean. We also will remove your annuals and cut back your perennials at this time. It is the same as a spring cleanup except done in the fall and more leaves are involved.

Gutter cleaning:

Clean, Clean, Clean… Gutters fill with leaves and other debris and become clogged if you have trees nearby. Just ask gutter installers. They’ll tell you that you should clean your gutters twice year, once in the spring after the trees bud out, and once in late fall after the leaves drop. That’s a lot of trips up and down a ladder, and few of us are that disciplined. But clogged gutters overflow, soak the siding and cause paint to peel, dampen basements, erode foundations, splash against the building and rot wood. They can also lead to dangerous ice buildup in the gutter or the ground below. Add to a spring or fall cleanup and save

Snow Removal and Ice control:

Uncle Froggy’s provides this service both to residential and commercial clients. In the residential homes sector Uncle Froggy’s has grown every year providing a very reliable service with great prices. Residential customers are serviced after any snowfall of two inches or more. Your contract may include your walkway and driveway or just your driveway. Uncle Froggy’s makes snow removal easy with a onetime payment. A contract for the whole season which starts in November and ends in April costs an average home owner around $250. There are no extra or hidden charges, just a onetime payment gives you a shovel free winter. For our commercial Properties we offer snow removal and ice control. Having your business snow and ice free before you open is a must these days. One slip and fall accident could cost you twenty times or more than what you would pay for this service!! We remove snow from the parking lot and walkways and treat them with the appropriate ice control products. Rock salt is applied to the parking lots and calcium chloride is applied to the walkways. Since all businesses range in size and needs it is important an Uncle Froggy’s team member come to the location and estimate the price.

Sprinkler Winterization:

An underground sprinkler system MUST be winterized each fall before the ground freezes, typically in October or early November. Uncle Froggy’s can winterize your system to protect your investment. Cost varies depending on the location of your home and size of your sprinkler system. This process is done with the use of a large air compressor that is connected to the system. The compressed air flows through the system removing all water leaving your pipes dry and clear from any freezing and cracking. This service generally costs between $45 and $60 dollars. An average repair do to this not being done can cost anywhere from $ 200 – $2000 dollars.